This UPS is 30% off for Black Friday and perfect for a home server

The SK600 UPS from Shenzhen smartkey power Co., Ltd. offers 600 VA and could be saviour of your data.

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Depending on where you live, hooking up a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to your Unraid server can be crucial. If you frequently experience brownouts, or even blackouts, just being able to safely shut down Unraid can be crucial. The 4.4 stars rated SK600 from Shenzhen smartkey power Co., Ltd. offers 600 VA and communicates using either a wired network connection or USB. The SK600 UPS will automatically kick in, whenever the power goes out, and it includes a surge protector.

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I first heard of Unraid through the same medium as many of us did: The Linus Tech Tips channel on YouTube. At the time, I was running TrueNAS (or FreeNAS as it was called back then) on my DIY NAS built using a dual-core Intel Pentium G4400 at its heart. I was convinced, I had chosen the better operating system. After all, it was free and open-source and had a large community behind it. One day, after once again facing the need to buy another three hard drives, I seriously started researching Unraid and its features. I bit the bullet and gave it a go, transferring my data on to external hard drives that I later shucked and added to the Unraid array. Since that day, I have not looked back once, and I am now an enthusiastic and experienced user of Unraid. You can find out more about Unraid Guides right here.

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