Graphics Cards (GPU): Made for Unraid

Graphics cards (GPUs) in Unraid systems are mainly used for two functions: Either you are using Unraid to virtually host your desktop computer and you play video games on it. Or you are running a Plex Media Server and need power for hardware-accelerated transcoding. Of course, there are other use-cases where a powerful GPU can come in handy. For example, video editors might be using their Unraid system to transcode videos and making them ready for their editing application. Below you will find a list of articles relating to GPUs in use with Unraid.

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You might soon be able to find (and afford!) a new GPU for Unraid

The GPU market is at long last recovering. Availability of RTX 30 and Radeon 6000 cards is steadily increasing, while prices are decreasing.

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Does Unraid need a graphics card (GPU)?

Does Unraid need a graphics card (GPU)? And if not, why do so many users have a high-end and power hungry model installed?

GTX 1650 SUPER | Nvidia

GTX 1650 SUPER is the budget king for Plex transcoding

At ~$170 the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER can handle up to 14 1080p to 720p hardware transcodes. It is the budget king for Plex transcoding.