Comparisons: Unraid vs the Rest

Unraid isn’t the only option when it comes to building a network-attached storage system. You can buy a compact pre-built NAS from vendors such as Synology or QNAP while other operating systems such as TrueNAS CORE or OpenMediaVault will also allow you to build your system but function in vastly different ways to Unraid. The following articles compare Unraid to its competitors and I will outline the benefits and drawbacks of each solution.

As you might expect from the title of this website, I use Unraid. That doesn’t mean I won’t give the other systems a fair comparison and if a competitor offers something better I will tell you so. I am in no way a fanboy and will point out the drawbacks of Unraid, and I am also not affiliated with Unraid in any way. My articles are always written with an open mind and I use my experience from many years in the IT environment for technical details.

A hard drive used in Unraid

Why Unraid beats TrueNAS CORE (FreeNAS) for personal use

FreeNAS and Unraid work in fundamentally different ways and in this article I’m going to be telling you why, in my personal opinion, you should go with Unraid.