Hardware: Only the Best for Unraid

Many questions are asked as to which is the best hardware to go with for Unraid. Here you will find all of my reviews, opinions, and guides surrounding graphics cards, processors, cases, memory, and more. Of course, each Unraid build has different requirements, so my goal is to be as precise as possible in all the following articles.

10GbE | Direct Attach Copper | RJ45 | SFP+ | Twisted Wire Cable

What is SFP+ Direct Attach Copper (DAC)? Cheap 10GbE for Unraid!

Learn all about SFP+ Direct Attach Copper, the cheapest way of setting up a 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection between your desktop and Unraid server.

Hardware | Seagate

Seagate will soon offer 20 TB HDDs suitable for Unraid

We are entering an age, where a single drive could store all the data you ever produce without compromise. But that is also where the risks lie.

AMD | ARM | Intel | Raspberry Pi

Can Unraid run on a Raspberry Pi?

Considering the Raspberry Pi 4, has a decent CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and gigabit Ethernet, it does beg the question: Can Unraid run on a Raspberry Pi?

CMR (conventional magnetic recording) | Seagate | SMR (shingled magnetic recording) | Toshiba | Western Digital

Can Unraid use SMR hard drives? The SMR vs CMR debate.

Should Unraid servers avoid SMR (shingled magnetic recording) and only be equipped with CMR (conventional magnetic recording) hard drives?

AMD Radeon | Cryptomining | Nvidia

You might soon be able to find (and afford!) a new GPU for Unraid

The GPU market is at long last recovering. Availability of RTX 30 and Radeon 6000 cards is steadily increasing, while prices are decreasing.

Hardware | Unraid Boot Drive | USB

An internal USB adapter could save your Unraid boot drive

Using a small and cheap adapter that no longer you can place the Unraid USB boot drive inside a case! It will thank you.

AMD | Gaming | Intel | Mining | Nvidia | Plex | Transcoding

Does Unraid need a graphics card (GPU)?

Does Unraid need a graphics card (GPU)? And if not, why do so many users have a high-end and power hungry model installed?

Disable or customize RGB lighting on your Unraid server

In this guide I will be showing you how to disable or modify the RGB lighting of your Unraid rig using the Docker application P3R OpenRGB.

Expansion card | SAS HBA | SATA

Don’t use cheap PCIe SATA expansion cards with Unraid (get a cheap HBA instead)

I don’t recommend using cheap PCIe SATA expansion cards with Unraid. A cheap HBA will give you everything you need without any issues.

Corsair | G.Skill | HyperX

How much RAM does Unraid need?

How much RAM your Unraid requires depends on your use-case. This article guides you through the different options and tells you, what to look out for.