Unraid Guides: The Ultimate Home NAS Solution

On Unraid Guides, I bring you guides not just on Unraid, but also on applications you might be running on it. These include the popular Plex, Sonarr, and Radarr. I will also be sharing my thought on hardware, such as computer cases and graphics cards.

Unraid is a Linux-based operating system optimized for network-stored media files. In my opinion, Unraid is the best solution for a personal do-it-yourself network-attached storage (NAS) build at home. While it isn’t free, it does have a bunch of very useful features which make Unraid worth the price you pay for it.


Create a sleek looking startpage or new tab page using SUI

A startpage, such as the one provided by SUI, can help you navigate all your apps with ease. This guide will show you how to install and configure it.

Docker | Unraid Plugin

Let the Appdata Cleanup plugin remove leftover Docker folders

The Appdata Cleanup plugin for Unraid can search for unused folders in your appdata directory and automatically delete them.

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An internal USB adapter could save your Unraid boot drive

Using a small and cheap adapter that no longer you can place the Unraid USB boot drive inside a case! It will thank you.

Affiliate | VPN

How to route any Docker container on Unraid through a VPN

A guide to help with the setting up of a Docker container on Unraid that connects to your VPN, and the routing of other containers through it.

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Does Unraid need a graphics card (GPU)?

Does Unraid need a graphics card (GPU)? And if not, why do so many users have a high-end and power hungry model installed?

Is Unraid worth it?

The most frequently asked question about Unraid is whether it is worth the price it costs to purchase. For three reasons, I can confidently claim it is.

GUI | Organization

Use Docker Folder to organize containers on Unraid

There has been a plugin available for the past year with the sole goal of helping Unraid users organize their Docker containers: Docker Folders.

Affiliate | Crypto | Cryptomining | Storage

Cryptocurrency-miners are coming for our hard drives and SSDs

The upcoming release of the Chia cryptocurrency might lead to a shortage of SSDs and hard drives, which spells bad news for data hoarders.

Mosquitto | MQTT

How to install an MQTT broker (Mosquitto) on Unraid

This article will guide you through the installation of the Mosquitto MQTT broker on Unraid.

Affiliate | MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

How to install Zigbee2MQTT on Unraid

Using this guide you can learn how exactly to install Zigbee2MQTT on your Unraid server using Docker